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Here’s a list of my books and where you can buy them. You should probably buy them. That’d be a good thing to do.

You can read them on your Kindle or any Kindle app for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android or PC — or if you have a different type of eReader, get them from Smashwords in whatever your preferred format is.

DEAD END JOB – Book One in the Zombino series.
A call center employee, a security guard and a receptionist find themselves in the middle of a zombie outbreak.
At work.
Can they make it down through ten floors of zombified workforce and make their escape without becoming food for hundreds of hungry mouths? Can they find out just what the hell is going on, or who is behind it all?

Dead End Job is a darkly comic horror story full of gore, adventure and monsters.


CHIMPLEY -a novel
Jason doesn’t quite know where he fits in the world.
Largely because his world just fell apart around him.
In just under 24 hours, Jason gets handed divorce papers, loses his job, loses his home, eats some dry cereal. He also finds out about an estranged Uncle who recently died and left him a house in his final will and testament. A very interesting house, located in a town called Chimpley, so far past the middle of nowhere that it almost loops back into civilisation.
‘Chimpley’ is Jason’s story. One of madness and despair, all centred around a village full of elderly, generally insane, folk. It takes him from his disastrous life in a London suburb to a place he’s never heard of or even seen on a map.
Can Jason convince the villagers that he does actually own the house? Can he convince them not to murder him and feed him to the strange bugs that live in the dank tunnels under the village? Can he find out exactly who his mysterious uncle was?

Chimpley is a strange tale that rolls around in a variety of genres, from horror to humour to general mystery.


HORROR ANTHOLOGY – Eight short, scary stories.
Eight spooky, scary stories from British writer Chris Welsh, collected in one place. Includes: LEAVE A NOTE, DIRECTOR’S CUT, CRIER, EVIL EYE, A STRANGER’S STORIES, THE BEAST OF LEVEL 13, SEPARATION and PATSY

They’re the three big releases I have out at the minute.

You can also get the short stories on their own on Amazon (along with a few others that aren’t in the Anthology). Just search my name on your Kindle or regionally-correct Amazon site. They should come up.

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